Team Quotient (Douglas R. Gerber)

Team Quotient was recently gifted to me by our Managing Director. In addition to being mentioned in the acknowledgements, our teams know Douglas Gerber through his facilitation of training in Asia. I've heard all good things and was looking forward to soaking up the insight he's recently captured and shared with the masses.

"The concept of Team Quotient is based on a 10-year study with 108 teams from Fortune 500 and other global companies, on the essential elements of High Performance Teams. Drawing upon more than 50 real life lessons from business and sports, TQ takes leaders through a clear, step-by-step process to creating their own brilliant teams."

I cracked open Team Quotient during a flight from Vegas to Denver. My expectations were high after reading the first few pages of reviews, and I can't say I was disappointed. As any executive is a painfully aware, books related to team building and leadership are in no short supply. But, finding one that you can actually apply quickly and evaluate easily is less common.

Gerber organizes the information in a digestible way, first examining why "High TQ Teams" achieve superior performance and then moving into the "Journey" and then into the "Building." The case studies and lessons shared were appreciated to demonstrate the ideas presented. Also appreciated is the "Leader's Operating Manuel." The "Eight Essential Elements," AKA VIVRE FAT, could be a book all to themselves.

What I discovered very quickly is this isn't just the book you quickly skim through during your flight to wherever. It's thought provoking and has applicable activities that can be employed to achieve real results and a "winning team."

Needless to say, this book didn't quickly earn real estate on my shelf. It's sitting on my desk marked with Post-It flags that demand my follow-up.

Read this book. It's quality.