What Does Supplier Development Include?

Supplier development includes a number of activities Pro QC employs as support for our clients' quality initiatives. We refer to it as "the process of collaborating with suppliers to improve their system, processes and/or product manufacturing capabilities."

Examples or our solutions include:

80/20 Continuous Improvement

We evaluate supplier performance each month using available data such as QC inspection results. Using this information, issues representing the top 20% are followed up with corrective actions to be employed throughout that month. The process is repeated for continuous improvement.

Vendor (Supply Chain) Compliance

Clients selling to retailers such as WalMart, BJs, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc. are required to work with suppliers who are able to pass specific Codes of Conduct or other Responsible Sourcing requirements. Pro QC works with suppliers to identify current state and follows up with an improvement plan to reach compliance. Ongoing monitoring and management often applies as well.

Certification Preparation

Pro QC assists suppliers in the compliance with quality or industry-specific standards such as IATF 16949, ISO 13485, etc.

The benefits of supplier development solutions conducted by Pro QC include:

* Assists the supplier in developing policies, procedures and record templates that are required by the supply chain.

* Implements the system and provides training of top management and employees related to specific requirements.

* Validates the maintenance of the system through regular evaluations.

* Provides relevant supplier performance data and management for ongoing assessment related to the need for new suppliers.

* Provides additional support with scheduling, participating and leading audits or other required evaluations.

* Provides guidelines for product compliance.

* Ensures the continual improvement of the supply chain.

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