Chad Botes, Business Consultant

Chad Botes joined Pro QC International nearly one year ago and assists as a Business Consultant in our Taipei headquarters.

Chad's role within Pro QC is dynamic, which he enjoys as an opportunity to learn and adapt. His responsibilities as Business Consultant include contract writing/review, compliance issues, documentation, etc. He was responsible for the internal audit and corrective action for the ISO 9001:2015 transition process within the Taipei office as well.

Prior to joining Pro QC, Chad was an English teacher in Taiwan and interned at the Regulatory Reform Centre in Taiwan's National Development Council. He has earned a Bachelors in Law and Political Science and an MSc in Environmental Economics.

When he's not assisting the team, Chad enjoys scuba diving, hiking, martial arts and studying language. Interestingly, Chad's wife, Yingchao Siu, also works for Pro QC International as a Business Development Manager. Married for three years with two little birds, the remainder of Chad's family lives in South Africa.

We are grateful to have Chad as support for the team and look forward to working with him ongoing.