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We've collected a few of our testimonials here from previous Case Studies. Karcher - Sourcing & Procurement Quality - Vendor & Audits "They have a very good working, open and friendly relationship. We had many inquiries from other service providers, but as long as we are very satisfied with service and performance, there is not need to deal with other service suppliers." High Street TV - Head of Product Quality "Pro QC is very thorough in their inspections and High Street TV has trust and confidence in their ability to deliver on time." MSC - Business Manager, Supply Chain Management & Quality "Pro QC has been able to provide a consistent level of QC services to meet MSC's needs. MSC purchases a wide range of industrial products from our suppliers and Pro QC has partnered with us to train their inspectors on our products through joint inspections, ensuring that only trained inspectors are used to inspect our products on an ongoing basis. With Pro QC, we know we are getting professional, consistent QC services and timely reports by trained, knowledgeable inspectors at all of our supplier locations." Falabella - Hard Goods, Merchandise and QC Manager "Pro QC's inspection reports include more specific details, which makes it easier for us to understand and track the inspection process and results. Through the inspection activities, we see extensive information about the suppliers, such as warehouse management, production scales, manpower, etc. We also acquire advice from Pro QC regarding solutions to improve product quality and delivery schedule." Lowe Alpine - Senior Developer (Packs Design) "Our R&D team is based in the UK, so although we use extremely reliable vendors we needed a local QC team who could inspect not only finished product but also check the sewing lines during production. Pro QC was the ideal choice for us, as they have offices local to our manufacturers and they have been able to provide experienced QC inspectors to assess our technical product. The availability of the inspectors has been excellent, even at short notice, and they have consistently provided timely and clear reports. Partnering with Pro QC has kept us fully informed and able to respond quickly and appropriately to any quality issues. It has also allowed us to devote more time to the other vital part of our business - product development." Waterloo Industries, Inc. - Corporate Quality Engineer "We use Pro QC to make our suppliers better. Some of our clients have visited and audited the suppliers and can't believe the improvements in quality and conformance." New Day Imports - Import Director "With Pro QC, I can be halfway around the world and have piece of mind knowing services will be performed to my specs." Cook's Direct - COO & Chief Merchant "Not only have we controlled the quality, working with Pro QC we've improved the quality. We've also reduced the cases where factories change the product, improved our relationships with the factories through the inspection reports and lowered costs for our suppliers and Cook's by catching quality problems before they're shipped. Having Pro QC on our team makes it easier to source in new parts of the world." Meadowcraft, Inc. - VP of Supply Chain Management "With our growing import activities we realized that we needed a QC presence in the Orient. As an alternative to hiring our own QC employees, we determined that we could partner with Pro QC International who had the talent and the experience to meet our goal. We needed a partner that fully understood quality control and could hit the ground running. Additionally, we were looking for a company that would represent Meadowcraft with a high degree of integrity and we found that with Pro QC." Wattstopper / Legrand - Director of Quality "Pro QC is very unique, reliable, dependable, flexible and very accommodating even at short notice. Pro QC's ability to catch errors and mistakes at the source, the factories, allows Watt Stopper to maintain its quality edge over its competitors." Technogym - Product & Process Quality Manager "We were very concerned about quality and reliability as Technogym's products are very high end. We realized very soon that we could not control the customer product development and manufacturing using a 'remote control', but at the same time we could not afford to have people permanently on-site. I called a couple of friends I knew already had implemented an outsourcing project and was given the Pro QC contact. Since then, we cooperate very closely for every single part we outsource in Asia and our defect rate has dropped by 52%." Mum2Mum - "For us, it was simply being able to deal with an efficient company that could report back to us in a timely manner, and more importantly we were able to deal with an English speaking company in a foreign country. By hiring Pro QC, it has enabled us to focus more on our company growth with our markets offshore - by this, we mean by having Pro QC on the ground in China visiting our factories, we are able to trust that the brand is being manufactured with better quality and at the same time it saves us time by not having to travel to China with each order. Having trust in the brand is huge, but having trust in the brand's quality is even bigger."

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