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Aero Global Sourcing Solutions, Inc. (AGSS) is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and has served as an extension of their customers' procurement and engineering teams for nearly a decade. AGSS primarily services small to medium sized OEM manufacturing firms located within the United States. Providing sourcing solutions to a wide variety of industries, AGSS leverages their expertise in manufacturing overseas that includes products ranging from mechanical hardware, plastics, electronics, textiles and more. Currently, AGSS works with over one hundred factories in Southeast Asia that allow the organization to find the right solutions for their clients' needs. Working with customers that often do not have an overseas manufacturing presence, AGSS considers meeting their quality requirements to be a core competency. Since 2008, AGSS has partnered with Pro QC International to represent their interests in quality and conformance in factories abroad. For example, quality inspections in China, Taiwan and Thailand have included mechanical hardware, power cords, PCBAs, fans, fan guards, loud speakers, stereo plugs, luggage straps and a variety of other products. It is this "breadth of presence" that AGSS' President, Brian Hanson, describes as a significant value that Pro QC adds to the organization. He also shared that avoiding staffing and additional travel expenses allows him to focus on and meet customer requirements. Regarding locations, Brian indicated that he has "yet to do business in an area where Pro QC hasn't had people" and appreciates "not having to replicate quality teams in different geographies." Pro QC and Aero Global Sourcing Solutions work together to reduce quality risks and cost. For additional information, contact us at To learn more about Aero Global Sourcing Solutions, contact Brian Hanson at

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