As we go into the New Year, we wanted to take an opportunity to recognize our team and the individuals we have introduced over the past seven years in our newsletters. We are thankful to have such a dedicated and passionate group of people that continue to grow with us. Headquarters (Taipei, Taiwan) Ally Wan, Accounting Bernard Tan, Technical Supervisor Bruno Singier, Marketing Manager for Europe and Asia Irene Luo, Accounting Manager Ruei Chen, Account Manager China: Candace Wu, Business Team Leader (Shenzhen) Cesar H. Mariscal, Assistant Operations Manager (Shanghai) Cynthia Liu, Business Team Manager (Ningbo) Jean Champlain, Supplier Development Manager (Ningbo) Thomas Kaiser, General Manager Tim Tan (Tan YangBo), Metrologist (Ningbo) India: Ajay Pandey, Country Manager Jancy Venkatesh, Office Coordinator United States: Michael L. Hetzel, VP/Americas Jennifer Stepniowski, Communications Director Jeffrey Moellering, Sales & Marketing Director Weiwei Lin, Regional Operations Manager IT: David Yen, Programmer Russ McClay, IT Manager You can look forward to meeting more of our team in future newsletters!

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