Jean Champlain, Operations Manager

During a pre-shipment inspection, Pro QC's engineers verify that finished goods conform to client specifications. Generally, 100% of the order is produced and 80% packaged.

The process is outlined below:

1. We receive a completed booking form from the factory that includes a request for inspection and related shipment details. The request is scheduled and confirmed.

2. The inspector will arrive on-site and verify the quantity.

3. The inspector will randomly select samples from the lot according to the specification and client requirements. The sampling plan commonly used is ANSI Z1.4.

The ANSI Z1.4 tables can be found here:

4. The inspector will start inspection of the samples using client specifications.

5. Defects are counted per type and category - Critical, Major, Minor. These are compared to the AQL.

Definitions of defect classifications can be found here:

6. If the number of defects is less than the AQL, the result of inspection is considered passing. The result is considered "on-hold" if there are questionable issues or concerns regarding the specifications or other requirements, or "failed" if the defects identified exceed the AQLs.

7. The inspector provides a summary of the findings to the factory representative and collects their signature on the field report and orders the shipment to be held pending client review of the final report if the result is anything other than "passed". Note that this field report is not the final, 'official' report.

8. A final report is prepared and uploaded, along with any associated photos/files. The field report is reviewed by a technical supervisor, and after any clarifications or corrections it's typed and uploaded to the database along with any associated photos/files for delivery to the client. Findings may change during this process, so this is the final, 'official' report for client review.

9. Reinspections are scheduled as necessary. If a client decides to accept a shipment that was placed under "failed" or "on-hold" status by Pro QC, the client does so by contacting the supplier directly and releasing the shipment. Pro QC cannot release shipments.

For additional information, please refer to our latest video below: