By: Jean Champlain, Supplier Development Manager, Pro QC International

Having good quality performance means you should also have good capability, but having a good or desired capability with bad quality performance at the end is not acceptable. It means that the process that outputted this capability and the process of how the capability was approved has a problem.

To address this issue, I recommend redesigning and reworking the whole manufacturing process and then reevaluating. But, the production schedule may not be that flexible to allow it in some factories.

The actions that would not affect the normal production schedule include:

- Increase the frequency at the in-process control area in order to collect all of the rejected output. Then, group these rejections per category, such as type of defect or cause of defect.

- Investigate the root cause of each type of defect and define corrective/preventive action.

- Implement corrective/preventive actions and verify their impact in the process.

The Pro QC Supplier Development Team effectively works with both clients and suppliers to ensure desired capabilities and consistent quality performance that reduces overall risks and cost.

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